It’s time to
share kindness.

The goal?

Get the entire Livingston to make Tzedakah an integral part of their home.

But we need YOUR help in spreading the word.

Here’s how:

  1. Harness the power of social by posting and sharing. (See below.)
  2. Create a buzz and engage your friends and family on social. (#excited) 
  3. Encourage them to order a Tzedakah kit

We got you.

Here’s all the words, pictures, and logos ready to be twittered, grammed and posted. 

Choose from our sample posts and images, or share your own! There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Social Media Post Ideas

There’s something we need to talk about.
No. Not the Amazon bill. This April 1st 3000 Livingston families will celebrate Shabbat @Home.

And I’ll be one of them.

Shabbat is so much more than a ceremony in synagogue, it’s a time to connect to family and faith. (Something we need today more than ever.)

Sign up in 2 minutes and you’ll receive a box of Shabbat goodies so you can celebrate easily and beautifully at home.

Are you in?

Get your box at

Life gets busy. 

Like, reaaaally busy.

That’s why on April 1st, I’ll be taking time to disconnect and reconnect.

By Celebrating Shabbat @Home.

3000 families in Livingston will celebrate Shabbat @Home on April 1st

You in?

Join at

Email Ideas

Subject: I’m a part of this, will you join me? 🕯🕯


Hey [name of friend]

I’m excited to share this incredible initiative with you.

This April 1st I’ll be Celebrating Shabbat @ Home with the entire community.

Lighting candles for Shabbat means passing on the torch of Judaism to our families. Together.

Will you join me?

When you sign up here you’ll get
– a box of Shabbat goodies
– easy-to-follow instructions
– a fun opportunity to gather your family together

It’s going to be really easy. And really fun.

Signing up takes 2 minutes. Here’s the link again.

Can’t wait to celebrate Shabbat with you.

[name of sendee]

Subject: You’re lucky I like you….


And that’s why I want to tell you about this.

I’ll be Celebrating Shabbat @ Home on April 1st with the entire community.

It’s gonna be lit. (Literally 🕯🕯)

Will you join me?

You’ll get
-a box of Shabbat goodies
-easy-to-follow instructions
-a fun opportunity to gather your family together

It’s easy. And also pretty fun.

Signing up takes 2 minutes.

Let me know when you sign up so we can fistbump.

[name of sendee]