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Friday Night - April 1, 2022

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Why is [this] Friday night different from all other nights?

Did the pandemic kick us outta synagogue? Yes.
Is the fabric of Jewish tradition fraying as a result? Also yes.
Are we going to do something about it? Oh yes.

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Judaism doesn’t only happen in a synagogue

(OK, hold up. Let’s rephrase that. Of course, it happens there also. But it doesn’t begin and end there.) Judaism begins @Home. It’s the family. The home. The kids. Being part of something bigger. Something traditional, sacred and beautiful.

Shabbat @Home!

Whether you celebrate every week or just once in a while, join the entire community as we celebrate Shabbat @Home together.

Are you in? It’s gonna be lit. (Literally. 🕯🕯)


Wait, what?

I don’t know how to celebrate Shabbat.

(and weekends are for r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g.)

We hear you.

And that’s why this is the easiest ask you’ll ever get. 

It will take just 6 minutes* of your time and is as easy as 1 2 3

Light Candles

Make Kiddush

Eat Challah

It’s that easy, very meaningful… and even kinda fun!

*Of course you are then welcome to sit with your family and enjoy Shabbat dinner together.

Be a part of the largest Shabbat celebration in NJ history!

When you sign up you get everything you need to celebrate Shabbat @Home. 🕯🕯 Candles , wine and grape juice, (delicious) challah, clear and easy-to-follow instructions on what to say when.

Celebrating Shabbat is easy. 
And it’s about to become a whole lotta fun.

* Delivery available in Livingston, Millburn/Short Hills, Caldwell and West Orange.
Live somewhere else? Pick up at LifeTown on Thursday, March 31 and Friday April 1.


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